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Fees and Levels of Internship

Please note that our fees have increased. Once our guest or intern decides to join us, half their fee must be paid by electronic transfer one month prior to their arrival and the other half must be paid by the end of their first month with us.

GUEST RESIDENCIES are available for prospective interns, volunteers, or anyone who wants to visit the country and get to know the studio and art resource work in progress, as well as to contribute financially to the art resource program. These visitors stay as our personal guests. Activities include excursions to Mayan ruins, prehistoric painted caves, and indigenous communities with adobe houses decorated with native earth colors. Each guest contributes $1,400 per week.

INTERNSHIPS are available both in studio and development categories. The fee is $2,200 for one month, $3,800 for two months or $4,800 for three months. Interns live with a local family near our home base. Applications for all categories of internship (except guest residencies, which are open to all without restriction) are based on the submission of a résumé, school transcripts, and several letters of reference regarding skills and maturity. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. There is no fee for an initial exchange of standard information, but there is a $100 fee if we undertake additional correspondence with a view to formalizing the application process.

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