Latin American Art Resource Project

The Latin American Art Resource Project (LAARP) is a development program that teaches how to make art and artisanry with low-cost, local resources, reviving the use of traditional techniques and demonstrating their economic and artistic benefits. Founded in 1995 by William Swetcharnik, an artist with extensive experience in traditional painting media, its projects include:

  • Showing artisans how to add value to their products, decorating them with paints prepared from local colors of earth.
  • Helping schools which can't afford imported art materials, to make their own materials with locally available resources.
  • Working with schoolchildren to beautify their communities with low-cost murals.

In this Web site, you can find some information about projects, internships, and other aspects of the program. From time to time, as you visit this site, you will find additional information and photographs. Better yet, visit our projects in Honduras (our home base) and other countries of the Caribbean region.

Feel free to communicate with us via Contact Information, or any of the contacts given below. If you do not hear back from us, please try again, bearing in mind that if we are in Honduras or elsewhere, messages do not always reach us immediately.

National Capital Post Office, Box 77794, Washington, DC 20013 USA   |   301.831.7286, 301.829.0137