Latin American Art Resource Project


The works of art displayed in this Art Gallery include example works by William and Sara Swetcharnik, the two artists who do most of the staff work for the art resource program. William and Sara make their personal livelihood entirely through their art and do not derive any personal income from administering the program. The program does not receive any income from Hood College, which provided this Web site, nor from any other sponsoring institution. Since its beginning, the art resource program has been supported largely by William and Sara's personal income as artists. Because of this, collectors who buy the work of these artists also help them support the art resource program.

The exhibits in the Project Showcase section of the Gallery include murals, collaborative designs, folk art, and scenes from workshops.

The Gallery also displays selected works by workshop participants and pieces by native artisans.

The individual sites for William Swetcharnik and Sara Swetcharnik offer additional examples of their works. Additional student and artisan works canbefound at the Art Resource Consulting site.

Inquiries about these and other works of art may be directed to

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Biographical Profile, William Swetcharnik
Biographical Profile, Sara Morris Swetcharnik